Prostate Cancer Transcriptome Atlas About Manual Download



Prostate Cancer Transcriptome Atlas (PCTA) is an easy-to-use web tool, which can help researchers easily access virtually organized large transcriptome data comprised of 1,321 clinical specimens from 38 PC cohorts. The PCTA includes subtype information, shown previously to be clinically relevant, that is not available from other databases, as well as Gleason grade and metastasis status.

The current version of the PCTA provides applications in 3 major analysis functionalities:

I. "Expression View" presents the association of a gene or gene set with PC by displaying the expression or activation score in distinct tumor subtypes or disease categories.

II. "Correlation View" presents correlation measures and plots for association between genes and/or gene sets in the specific disease contexts.

III. "GSEA and MRA" presents the results of gene set enrichment analysis, which shows enrichment scores in specific subgroups of tumors, as well as a list of master regulator candidates and their potential network relationships governing the gene set.


PCS :Integrated classification of prostate cancer reveals a novel luminal subtype with poor outcome. (Sungyong You et al, 2016 Cancer Research)